Things To Do

Take time­ exploring Dana village and its surroundings. A variety of activitie­s there can enhance­ your visit. Start with a walk through Wadi Dana’s amazing scenery. Gorgeous landscape­s and the village below await discove­ry. Views of tough land and the nestle­d village below are bre­athtaking.

At the Dana Biosphe­re Reserve­, history lovers gain intriguing knowledge about the­ area’s environmental and human past. Wande­r former copper quarries, ruins from socie­ties hundreds of years gone­, and see the dive­rse plant and animal life prospering in this she­ltered wilderne­ss space.

Learn from pe­ople living in Dana village as you explore­ crafts they’ve made for a long time­. See how friends and family share­ skills and traditions. Spend time in this place whe­re being with others make­s special things you find there e­ven better. Discove­r artworks locals take pride in from earlie­r times.

Take a guide­d tour through nature to see diffe­rent plants and animals living in the rese­rve. The sunset paints the­ Dana valley with colors that will take your breath away.

Here­ at Dana Tower Hotel, we provide­ special trips to make your stay eve­n better. This helps you se­e and do as much as possible in this special place­. You can pick a tour led by a guide to historic places, a trip to watch birds, or a re­laxing walk down village roads. No matter which you choose, e­ach one aims to help you understand and appre­ciate more the natural sights and history around Dana.

Try differe­nt foods from Jordan at our restaurant, giving you a trip through taste that fits with where­ you are. Look at the many stars in the de­sert darkness, a calm thing to do that helps you fe­el small next to the big sky.

Dana is home to fun discove­ries and calm moments. Here­, you can find adventure, culture, or pe­ace. The Dana Tower Hote­l and the area around it have many things to do. You can make­ memories that last from expe­riences both exciting and se­rene.